The Unfair Fair Warning


I had a pleasant surprise Tuesday night. Turning on my TV in time for the Rays game, I noticed that the channel wasn’t operating – then I noticed other channels were having the same problem. Then I thought the cable must have gone out, so I examined the other TV’s.

The house has three TV sets. The one connected to the digital receiver was working perfectly – the other two were not. Then I turned to channel 2 on one of the seemingly inoperable sets and got the message that commencing today (being Tuesday) – the analog cable was cut off and that more receivers would be needed if you wanted to watch cable hereafter.

Our cable provider gave notice about this by mail – the day after it happened. Nice work, guys.

Doing a quick search on Google, there was a small story in the Tampa Bay Times about our cable going “100% digital” a few months ago. You’d think I would have gotten a notice about such a vital change than the day AFTER it happened, right? Nope. Somehow, it managed to escape my attention.

The receiver boxes are on their way, but again, it would have been nicer of the cable provider wasn’t so tight-lipped and greedy about the matter.


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