The Cat Treat Caper


The news seems a bit too serious these days – so would you all mind if I share a lighter story?

It involves my now 10-year-old cat, Harry. I take care of him during the course of a given day, but when I think I’m ready to go to bed for the night – he goes to the “porch” section of the house. He has air conditioning access, a meal, water, dry food, and some treats ready to go when I put him out there every night and has free reign of that room to go see whatever he wants to gaze at. I close the porch room door – he gets his rest, and I get mine unless a storm startles him which does happen here in Florida during the summer.

Last night, I go through the familiar process of getting him set up – but I forget to take the bag of Temptations treats in with me, leaving the bag somewhere in the porch room. The bag of treats sits on the floor when I greet Harry this morning, with a big hole in the center of the bag. Harry had not only figured out how to open the bag, but he also ate half the bag last night – an amount I usually feed him over about five days or so!

Dogs might love you to death, but you can’t deny cats aren’t very intelligent.


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