The Great DC Knife Fight Of 2018

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I’ve never seen a political battle in my 47 years and change of life like I’m seeing here with the Brett Kavanaugh nomination to the Supreme Court. It is especially easy to get wrapped up in the partisan tribalism on display on the various political shows and media outlets these past few days. I would merely ask that you keep in mind that as this battle can be readily be classified as a Democrat vs. Republican one that this “deadlock” also reveals two things just as easily.

One: this is not just your typical battle between the Donkeys and the Elephants. It’s more like a three-ring circus –  a term that is not true the way you would think it would be. In my opinion, this is not a two-party system at play, but three: the Democrats, the establishment Republicans, and what I’d call the Trump/MAGA Republicans – a de-facto coalition government. The Democrats (almost in toto) and established Republicans make up what Trump often calls the Deep State – an establishment collection if you will. It’s a passive-aggressive setup that’s kept control of politics going back to at least the end of World War II.

Two: the real battle not plainly visible is that between Mr. Trump and the Deep State itself. The President wants to, as he often says, “drain the swamp” – but if there is a swamp, they’d resist the notion of being drained, thus proving slowly but surely their existence. Mysteriously, the “Swamp” always finds the spots to pick – the late John McCain putting on a grandstanding show, voting no on the Affordable Care Act last year. In this issue, you have the specter of another Arizona senator leading the internecine revolt in Jeff Flake.

Likely, the President sees the scenarios and the bigger picture. If the Kavanaugh nomination is denied, it just proves what Mr. Trump has said all along about all the obstruction that’s been going on, which will fire up his voting base to vote Republican. Then the problem has the chance to start all over again – as the DC swamp likely peels off a few of the “newbie” senators and congressmen to join the Deep State with whatever perks they can offer that the Donald can’t.

It is entirely possible that even if Trump gets two terms, he would fail in the efforts to clean out the corruption going on in Washington for years. It doesn’t mean, however, that it is not a noble effort.


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