Don’t Believe The Hype

Voting by mail from home – October 5, 2018.

This is the time of year where I get a lot of calls from pollsters and politicians, which makes me glad I have a caller ID. These days, if something strikes me even the slightest bit fishy on the ID, I usually let it go to voicemail. I guess I’m like most of you nowadays- where life is too short to perpetually deal with the yo-yos trying to scam you.

Another one of the great scams out there these days: polling. I’m not a big believer in polls, and after the 2016 elections where the polls in many states were way off the mark, I don’t know why the media gives such polls any added credence. I remember telling friends back then that any state that has Trump trailing by five points or less was probably up for grabs – which wound up being prophetic. All you had to do is watch the MAGA rallies and see how fired up his base was, and how well-attended his rallies were – and still are, by the way.

Two years ago, I think a lot of voters for President Trump came up with an idea without having collective discussions about it – not to answer polling questions when asked to. Polls, I feel, are there for psychological purposes – and little else. They paint false narratives to attempt to make each race newsworthy. If your preferred candidate is winning, then you might feel like you don’t have to go vote. If your candidate is losing, you’re either more discouraged – or more likely to vote.

By the way, I’ve already voted in the midterms. I got my ballot last Friday, filled it out – and put it in the mail the next day.

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