The first thing I did after I published yesterday’s blog entry was to check out the Drudge Report. I had heard about the bomb threat to Democratic mogul George Soros and a threat to the Clintons yesterday morning. But I had missed the bomb threats to President Obama and CNN that took place as I was blogging. Then again, I don’t watch a lot of CNN these days – so I would have missed it anyway.

More suspicious packages have arrived in various locales in the hours that have followed. I just read the actor Robert De Niro received the most recent threat as of the time I write this, though there’s no doubt in my mind that this will likely change as the day develops.

There will be plenty of time to cast aspersions later as to what caused this – assuming that the bomber has MAGA ties is extremely premature at this point in time. (Remember Palpatine from the Star Wars movies?) However, it didn’t stop President Trump’s calls for unity to be immediately rejected by the Democratic leaders of Congress.

If someone offers you peace at a time of crisis, I’d tend to take it – especially if it came from the duly elected leader of the free world. Poor form by the Democrats there, if you ask me.

So, as this 25th day of October of 2018 begins, who knows what awaits us – even though this is something that is true on ANY given day.

Don’t worry – we’ll get through it. We always do.

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