Pittsburgh, And A Taste Of Armageddon

As most of you know, it’s happened again. A synagogue in Pittsburgh was the latest mass shooting. As of the day after it occurred (the day I write this), they know of 11 dead, more injured – all for the familiar stupid reasons. Someone hating another religion, someone so disturbed in thoughts that he can’t let others live in peace.

That’s why I always have “A Place In The Sun” on these posts. Stevie Wonder, when he wrote that song back in the 1960’s, wondered if there would be a day of racial fairness back in the days when whites would slaughter blacks because of skin color. Now, I merely wonder if there will ever be a month, a year, or a decade, where we don’t have to worry about these sorts of pointless killings taking place at a seeming moment’s notice.

A press conference blares on the news, giving the updates on the latest developments in this shooting. Speakers giving information, flanked by public executives waiting for their turn at the microphone to “sing their verse” of fact.

It has all gotten to a point to my eyes where it all looks the same.

The day before this happened was the day the person making bomb threats to several prominent Democrats was arrested in Florida. When I turned on the TV just now, I thought erroneously that the press conference was about that incident, and not this most recent one. I turn on the NFL game in London between Philadelphia and Jacksonville, and they pause in a moment of silence for those 11 victims.

It’s gotten to the point where you can pick the news crisis out of a hat, and our leaders will react predictably to it. Democrats say one thing, chapter, and verse – and so do the Republicans. Maybe our civilization winds up holding the coming civil war on computers like that episode on Star Trek where people get selected to die, and then do as they’re told.

Let’s hope this all stops before it gets that far. What I’m seeing discourages me immensely.

Society at present is an unlit fuse.

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