Highway 60

I’ve probably mentioned this before on this blog – but this being my 1,730th blog entry in nearly seven years, it gets a little time-consuming at times to recollect: have I talked about this before?

Our area experienced some colder weather – nay, cooler weather – for the first time this fall. We here in the Tampa Bay area always seems to get that first cool snap sometime between Halloween and Thanksgiving.

I have no trouble resting in the summertime, and when it’s cooler in the winter outside – that’s also not a problem. But when the temperature is right at that point where it’s neither too warm or too cold – for me, that’s when it’s about 60 for a low or so, it disturbs my body to where sleeping becomes a problem. 

It’s like there’s a flow chart going on in my head. When I go to lay down, I make an assumption based on the predicted weather for the night whether it’s going to be cold or warm. If it’s warm, I go to sleep with no blanket. If it’s cold, I put a heavy blanket on top of me. I also have a fan nearby to stay cool when needed.

When it’s about 60 out, I go to lay down – and I usually progress to the point where I’m too cold. So when I pull my heavy blanket on top of me, it now gets to the point where I’m too warm below it. Usually, I’ll do some sort of trade-off where I keep the heavy blanket on me, but turn a fan on, thinking I can somehow find a balance – but it often doesn’t work, and I lose hours of sleep in the process.

When it’s warm, I’m happy. When it’s cold, I’m happy. When it’s in between, it’s rough on me.

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