Audio Slice #12: Prediction Analysis

Background music at the start of the entry is once again “All That” from

Flashback: “19” by Paul Hardcastle

With a new year with a “19” at the end of it nearly upon us – I thought this would be the perfect song to wrap 2018 up.

The song was a major hit in 1985 in most of Europe, going to #15 in the Billboard charts during the summer here in the United States. The documentary narrator is Peter Thomas, but perhaps more notably, the audio of news stories comes from the late ABC newsman Frank Reynolds – famous for his tense reactions to Ronald Reagan’s assassination attempt in 1981.

Getting Wise To The Scam

Scambaiting – or, the art of baiting foreign phone scammers, is becoming a bit of a thing on my radar as of late.

The idea here is to consume as much time of the scammers as humanly possible so that it takes away from the resources of these call centers so that they cannot call their prey – usually those not knowledgeable enough to know these scams. For instance, one way to “scam bait” them is to act totally submissive but to give them information that is false – and to stay on the phone with them as long as it takes for them to figure it out.

One of the finer practitioners of this art is a young man with the moniker on YouTube of “The Hoax Hotel.” Here, he takes the name of Cosmo Kramer (foreigners having, for the most part, no idea Cosmo is a fictional personality from a 1990’s comedy on American TV) and gets a call from a tech support scam runner – telling Hoax to stop calling.

After Christmas Thoughts

We say goodbye to Kris Kringle and our friends up in the North Pole for another year. I always seem a bit melancholy on Christmas Night. We (the collective we) put all of this effort into making Christmas Eve and Christmas Day the two most special days of the year – but every year as these days pass, and I wonder why can’t every day be like these two days.

Just remember as we move ahead to what’s appearing to be a shaky 2019 that we’re all in this together. That’s all I ask. If somebody needs something, and if your conscious is telling you shouldn’t accommodate someone – please do. Most times, you won’t regret it.

There was an NFL game on Christmas Eve and several NBA games on Christmas Day. It might shock most of you who know me to tell you that unless the Bucs are playing, I have no enthusiasm in a Christmas Eve or Day game. None. I’d love to see no sporting contests on Christmas at all. Take the time to re-connect with your families or friends.

I feel the same way about cable news – I was shocked to see that those outlets were reporting live news yesterday as if there was any. Do we have to fight about politics on Christmas – the day of peace on Earth, and good will to men? (And women too.) I just find that sickening.

All the Christmas hits on the Billboard Hot 100 this year screams one fact – America misses its good old days. Hurry back Christmas, our country needs you sooner rather than later.

Flashback: “Let It Snow” by Dean Martin

I’m pretty sure this is the first time I’ve ever had a current Top 40 hit as a Flashback, but the holiday season (and how popular Christmas songs are this year on the Billboard charts) provided such an opportunity.

Recorded in 1959, the song is currently #32 on the Billboard charts as of this week (the week ending December 22, 2018 – though Billboard ordinarily publishes the chart positions the Wednesday prior). It’s the first Hot 100 song for Martin since 1969, ending over a 49-year gap, and his first Top 40 hit since 1967.

Merry Christmas, everybody. I’ll be back with a post on Christmas Eve day.