Wheel Of Scamsters

Since we are smack dab into the holiday season – the number of scam phone calls have risen. While I’m at it – a special “thank you” to the local phone company (Frontier) who doesn’t make it all that easy to block said calls.

My current thinking (which has changed frequently with time, I admit) when it comes to these scammers is that avoiding them does nothing. The two types of calls I frequently get two sorts of solicitations: so-called charitable organizations and the credit rate improvement people.

The charitable organizations seem to use the same tactic of hiding behind recordings these days. Here, you’re forced to make a decision over a small period of time on an organization you’ve probably never heard of. Even some of the better foundations out there are kind of sketchy in my worldview, so a company that no one knows about is probably remarkably dicey. But if you decline any one specific offer – another organization comes along to make the same pitch.

Then there are the credit scammers. You can tell who they are because the names they use sound like a branch of a larger organization – but they never state what the larger structure is because there is no such larger company in existence. For example, they say they are Cardholder Service, Card Services, and so on. They always want data it would seem they would already have if they were actually legitimate, like your credit cards and their numbers. Needless to say, don’t give personal information to these thugs. If they were legitimate, they wouldn’t be asking for such info over the phone – they’d do it by non-electronic mail. And again, decline one offer – another number seems to sprout up within a few days. Another spoke of the same wheel.

A couple of days ago, I received a call from one of the credit scammers who has been calling for months on end. I take great pride in making them hang up with just two words. No, I didn’t use two words with anything abusive in them, like something with “You” on the end of it.

“How’s India?” I asked. The caller instantly tapped out. If you catch them in a lie, they always seem to do that. I figure sooner or later, all of these miscreants will realize I am on to them – that’s why I stand my telephonic ground.

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