After Christmas Thoughts

We say goodbye to Kris Kringle and our friends up in the North Pole for another year. I always seem a bit melancholy on Christmas Night. We (the collective we) put all of this effort into making Christmas Eve and Christmas Day the two most special days of the year – but every year as these days pass, and I wonder why can’t every day be like these two days.

Just remember as we move ahead to what’s appearing to be a shaky 2019 that we’re all in this together. That’s all I ask. If somebody needs something, and if your conscious is telling you shouldn’t accommodate someone – please do. Most times, you won’t regret it.

There was an NFL game on Christmas Eve and several NBA games on Christmas Day. It might shock most of you who know me to tell you that unless the Bucs are playing, I have no enthusiasm in a Christmas Eve or Day game. None. I’d love to see no sporting contests on Christmas at all. Take the time to re-connect with your families or friends.

I feel the same way about cable news – I was shocked to see that those outlets were reporting live news yesterday as if there was any. Do we have to fight about politics on Christmas – the day of peace on Earth, and good will to men? (And women too.) I just find that sickening.

All the Christmas hits on the Billboard Hot 100 this year screams one fact – America misses its good old days. Hurry back Christmas, our country needs you sooner rather than later.

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