Slowing Down, Switching Lanes

Yes, I’m still around. Posts will be a bit on the slow side this week, for a couple of reasons:

First, I’ve been feeling under the weather a bit lately – and I’ve been focusing on getting more rest. The prolonged period of colder weather most of the Eastern United States has been getting has been kicking my butt, even though Florida has been spared it for the most part. It’s been around 60 for highs here for a set of days, with lows around 45 or so – by no means, the “Polar Express” the Midwest and parts of the South are getting. Believe me, I’ve seen worse cold here – but regularly it comes and goes, and within two or three days it’s back to normal.

On Friday, I’m making a big transition to a faster Internet. I was with AOL from 1996 to 2006, then had a DSL line from 2008 to now. My cable company has offered a faster Internet for years now, and the deal has gotten too sweet for me to pass up. I’ll be going from a speed of 3 MB per second to a published speed of 100 MB a second – and if I even got half of that, I’d make the jump.

As a result, I may not have an internet connection parts of Thursday and/or Friday. I’ll still have my weekly “Flashback” piece – it just may not be ready for posting until Friday night or Saturday.

No Speech For You!

As much as I hate to do two political posts in a row, we’ve had something rather unique in American history take place yesterday. The State Of The Union address President Trump was going to give on January 29th (this Tuesday) was canceled over the continuing disagreements over the partial government shutdown.

I have little doubt, as the above cartoon suggests, that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi did this in retaliation for President Trump yanking military travel permissions at the last moment last week when Pelosi was going to make a trip overseas to Europe and Afghanistan. No House Speaker has ever not welcomed a sitting President to Congress to speak before – so this sets a new precedent, and perhaps a new low in the ongoing bitterness between the two parties.

Personally, as much as you can take the President or the Speaker to task for their actions separately – I wish they’d each grow the hell up. Hopefully, with the “tit for tat” this past week now going full circle, they can now do that.

Scambait Theatre

In one corner, a Microsoft scammer. In another, a YouTuber by the handle of Joe Scambait – playing a character of his, the fictional Russian named Yuri Bagaschitt.

Knowing that the Indian scammer was going to access his computer, Joe had set up a “virtual machine” on his so that the scam could not harm is the main system. When the attempt is made, Yuri had some choice Hindi language for the bhenchod (Hindi for one who fornicates with his sister).

Gee, I wonder who won this battle…

Rammed Patriots

We now know who’s playing in this year’s Superbowl – the New England Patriots, who we have seen a lot of these past two decades, and the Los Angeles Rams.

The last time these two teams met in the Big Game – the Rams emanated from St. Louis and were heavy favorites to knock off the upstart Patriots. That didn’t go so well for the Rams, as a considerably younger Tom Brady took the Pats down the field to set up a Super Bowl-winning field goal.

The Patriots are the third team to go to three straight (or more) Super Bowls in the history of the game – and could become the first team to win a Super Bowl, lose a Super Bowl, and then win it back in three successive years. I guess that would be pulling a Grover Cleveland, right?

I’m sure with two major media markets in play for the big game, interest in the Super Bowl in Atlanta will be rather high. With both semifinal games going to overtime, something that’s never occurred in NFL playoff history on the same day – they certainly left football fans across the world wanting more.

My early thinking is that the Rams would win a close game – hell, remember when Super Bowls were almost always blowouts?