2019 Predictions

Once again, we’ve come to that position in time in our lives where one year closes up shop, and a new year begins where expectations for all of us spring eternal.

Most of the years I’ve been arranging this blog, I’ve been doing predictions for the year ahead – either on New Year’s Eve or New Year’s Day. In the style of the late Art Bell, my predictions are a set of ten – and I don’t predict anything tragic or anyone dying. With 2018 ending the way it has, it has presented a few difficulties I don’t usually foresee – for example, the ongoing “shutdown” going on at the end of this year. How does one make predictions (as I started putting this together on Christmas) not knowing how that plays out?

Unfortunately, I do see 2019 being a tumultuous year:

ONE – WATCH THE US, UK, AND FRANCE: I see major problems in three of the bigger nations in general – the US, the UK, and France. I’ll go into problems in the US in greater detail further down below. France will continue to have unrest over President Macron, and I see problems in Britain with the government attempting to renege on the voters wishes to leave the European Union.

TWO – TRUMP IMPEACHED: President Trump is impeached by a solidified Democratic Congress and a few moderate Republicans – but isn’t removed from office as 2019 comes to an end. The budget “shutdown” goes into March before it’s resolved by the Democrats caving in. In retaliation, they give the President no quarter and persist attacking his “ethics” on all fronts, with a new push to call for his tax returns.

THREE – BEAR MARKET: The market extends a downward spiral that began in 2018. The Dow falls to 17,000, and the Fed continues to raise interest rates against President Trump’s hopes. Some specialists start calling the events a crash, others are a bit more kind in calling it a major recession.

FOUR – SPORTS: New Orleans wins the Super Bowl, Houston wins both the NBA and MLB titles, and the Toronto Maple Leafs win the Stanley Cup. There’s the talk of expanding the college playoff to 16 teams in a future season, and talk of the NFL and FOX networks teaming up for a 24-hour pregame program for the 2020 Super Bowl in Miami. The first Alliance of American Football season goes better than expected, with a second season planned for 2020 – going head to head with the XFL.

FIVE – ENTERTAINMENT: The trend of older artists having hit records continues in 2019 will see one recording artist break the record for being the eldest man or woman to have a Billboard #1 pop hit. The scandals that have hit Les Moonves, Harvey Weinstein and Kevin Spacey continue their downward spirals. The biggest reality TV show story is that Julie Chen-Moonves leaves Big Brother when CBS doesn’t renew her contract after their two 2019 seasons as an anti-anything Moonves backlash continues.

SIX – TECHNOBABBLE: People start leaving Facebook in droves when the entertainment industry turns against them for continued dishonesty, joining forces to form their own social network that grows by leaps and bounds as the year ends. Twitter attempts to ban President Trump at the end of the year for unclear reasons, but when scores boycott that social network by simply not using it per his suggestion – Twitter reverses the ban. Roseanne Barr begins a very popular streaming talk show on YouTube and is hit with a wave of censorship for bringing up the QAnon conspiracy theory on her shows.

SEVEN – COUNTDOWN TO 2020: At the end of 2019, ten Democrats, including Hillary Clinton – announce they are running for the 2020 elections. Facing continued inquiries about her Clinton Foundation, Hillary also drops out by year’s end. Three Republicans run against President Trump, who becomes the first President facing primary opponents since 1992. Meanwhile, the Democrat frontrunner will be someone undiscovered to us now at the start of 2019.

EIGHT – LOCAL: The Rays make the playoffs with 95 wins, as the Red Sox surprisingly fall back to mediocrity. The Lightning have the NHL’s best record, but lose in the second round to Toronto. The Bucs hire a new coach, a prominent assistant coach with another team at present – but continue to flounder. Florida dodges a quiet hurricane season with a Tropical Storm hitting north of West Palm Beach in September being the worst of it.

NINE – WEATHER: The winter brings the usual array of cold temperatures and snow, with such storms dipping as far south as Atlanta and Birmingham in late January and early February. The Atlantic hurricane season is a quiet one, while western Arizona has a flooding event in August as a strong hurricane hits Mexico and treks into the Southwest as an unusually potent rainmaker.

TEN – ONE MORE THING: “Live Long And Prosper” (what Spock would say on Star Trek from time to time) will become a hot catchphrase out of nowhere, used as a way to raise money for charity, much like the Ice Bucket Challenge a few years ago.

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