A Frame That Didn’t Fit

When I first started hearing the news about Jussie Smollett being attacked in Chicago a few weeks back, I did have the odd thought that the attack sounded “too perfect” to my ears. When I considered that, I had absolutely no idea that this thought was perfect – and that the attack was indeed a work of fiction.

I’m old enough to hear about the Tawana Brawley allegations back in the late 1980s, and I know that every once in a while history tends to repeat itself – whether it means to or otherwise.

The events sadden me that there are people out there, regardless of color or creed, who want to get at our current President at all costs. I’m also of the opinion that it could also be plausible that Smollett didn’t think of this idea all by himself – the only question is if it is something that can be proven in a court of law.

Other than that, I really don’t think there is much left to say – and that giving the man any more space would be a waste of such space.

A Trip To The Spa

One of the bigger stories the past few days was the news that New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft had been caught on video at a West Palm Beach day spa with a prostitute that wasn’t a legal resident of the United States.

In the words of comedian Judy Tenuta, it could happen. Heck, it’s even possible (somewhat) that Kraft might not have known the sex worker in question was an illegal alien. Not likely, but possible.

This brings to mind my own little spa story – and, unfortunately for me, my 20-something naivete.

Sometime in the 1990s when I was working at the Sun Radio Network in St. Pete, I would have access to the Tampa Tribune – a newspaper no longer around that always played second fiddle to the then St. Petersburg Times, now the Tampa Bay Times. I’d always read the Tribune’s sports page, which had an ad for something called a “hot tub spa” over in north Tampa. Sounded like a plan to me, so I went and had a glance on one Monday evening when I was off from work.

The building was nondescript (which could have been my first red flag), one of those places that seemed to fit with the other stores and shops within it. I wasn’t totally naive – I figured some nudity amongst the women there would be included, but how it exactly worked was a mystery. I figured you sit in a hot tub and the girls get in bikinis, and for a higher rate of payment lose parts or all of same.

The hot tubs in question were all a front for – you guessed it – prostitution. I paid for this thin blonde young woman (who was definitely American) to get naked, as did I, but within a few minutes, I got nervous and aborted the rest of my “mission” so to speak. It’s not like I was a well-known figure in the local radio scene – but I couldn’t help but think that if I got busted here, that may change and not for the better. With the thin build the young woman had – could she have been underage? Did I have a Traci Lords situation on my hands?

The moral of the story, if there is one – it probably doesn’t hurt to ask around if you have the urge to go to one of these places. It might save you some trouble – luckily for me, my “urge” came long before trafficking and sex trafficking became an issue. Nowadays, you don’t know what you’d get at a place like that, and it’s not like they would tell you.

Flashback: “Don’t Stop The Music” by Rhianna

It’s Flashback Friday time once again, but today is also my 1,800th blog post – just 200 to go to my goal of doing 2,000 of these entries, which I should reach sometime next year.

This Rhianna tune, released in 2007 and reaching #3 on the Billboard charts in early 2008, is one of many different songs with this same exact title. I picked this version because it’s probably the best known nowadays, plus it fits my rule of a song being at least 10 years old (2009 or earlier, presently) to be featured.

Two Cups Of Coffee

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Hey you – yes, you.

How has your relationship with coffee evolved over the years?

I used to hate coffee. When I worked in radio at the old Sun Radio Network, I usually had the Saturday morning shift. A local legendary gardening expert (who had a local show on Sunday on the big local talk station, WFLA) would host the first show – and would always ask me if I had made coffee. I lived ten miles away and had a temperamental car at that time, so quite frequently making coffee wasn’t the first thing on my to-do list getting the station up and running at 8:00.

Could I have done it? Probably. Most of the time, I had other priorities.

Fast-forward to the present day. My first three priorities are usually these: get Harry out of the porch area I keep him at night (otherwise he’d drive me crazy) where he’s free to roam around and get food and water as needed, feed him half a can of pet food, and making coffee.

There’s no great trick in making coffee. Grab a filter, fill it up with ground coffee, pour in the water – bada boom, bada bing. A few minutes later, you’re ready to go. Two cups in the morning, one in the afternoon – and that should keep you going all day.

Funny how the things you loathe when you’re younger become the go-to things to do in your life as you get older.

Demons Begone

Photo by Negative Space on Pexels.com

It’s been 10 days since I switched phone and Internet providers – and the oddest thing has happened in the days after the switch. The calls from those Asian scammers have gone completely – cross my fingers, and knock on wood.

And no, I don’t want them back – they were an annoyance to deal with every day.

The new providers give me a “Nomorobo” feature free of charge, so I take advantage of that – and the opportunity they give you to get rid of third-party calls. I take advantage of both – and though the phone might ring once before the Nomorobo swats the calls away, let’s just say I’m pleased with the results.

It wasn’t like I was going to see with my old company regardless – the new company offered a much quicker Internet at a much more affordable price. The ability not to deal with the scammers has proven to be an added bonus.