What’s In A (Prank) Name?

This is not going to be a post for virgin ears, so forgive me in advance – that being said, I love a good prank name!

The scene above is from Porky’s, where the gang led by Edward “Pee Wee” Morris (because he was diminutive in more than the obvious way) plays a prank on Wendy Williams, played by Kaki Hunter. Pee Wee pages for somebody named Mike Hunt, and Wendy eventually figures out the joke. Say that name quick a few times, and I think you’ll get the joke of it all.

Over the years, I’ve heard a few such names, like:

  • Al Kaholic
  • Ben Dover
  • Hugh Jazz
  • Jack Mehoffer
  • Mike Hawk
  • Dick Hertz
  • Anita Dick
  • Jenna Tallia
  • and, Ollie Toobogger

Nope, Bob Wehadababyeetsaboy didn’t make the cut. Sorry.

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