Borders And Godfathers

The news will no doubt breathlessly report the coming deadline after which there could be another partial financial government shutdown – provided a deal to fund a wall at the border isn’t reached.

Funny how current events and old movies can often correlate with each other. Over the weekend, I watched the first two Godfather movies over the weekend – and was reminded of the Senator Geary character played so brilliantly by G.D. Spradlin, who in my opinion was one of the more underrated artists of our time. If G.D. was in a movie with that authoritarian/villain role he was good at – you knew that movie was going to be a bit better.

Geary initially derided Michael Corleone, but when the Senator gets caught at a brothel with a dead woman the Senator didn’t murder but would no doubt have to explain – he is forced to change his tune quickly and starts doing the bidding of the mobster, publicly praising him at a Senate hearing.

As for the present day, the story is well known and public record that several politicians were for a border wall before they were (currently) against it. So, some event is pushing the move against the wall – namely, the current President (Donald Trump) being for it.

In my world view, the country is being held hostage – not by President Trump (as any Democrat would no doubt allege and will again soon), but by professional jealousy. The left and probably some on the Republican side as well – don’t want the President to pull off what other Presidents have tried and neglected to do. So, they throw every obstacle conceivable out there as a firewall to prevent it from happening.

Personally, I think POTUS should declare the national emergency if we get to February 15th and there is another shutdown looming. It will no doubt throw a challenge to the courts, but with all the noise the Dems are making about how a challenge would be successful in overturning the President’s decree – could they be bluffing?

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