An AOC Theory: An Actress?

People sometimes call me a conspiracy theorist, and I’m fine with that. I often find it weird that you are only a conspiracy theorist if you have conservative values – but if you do not, and you throw out theories, you are somehow not a conspiracy theorist.

Like many Americans who follow the news, I’ve been watching how the headlines seem to be made to an obsessive degree by Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, a new congresswoman from New York City. Namely, how did the voters of eastern Bronx and a portion of Queens were able to elect someone who appears to be an absolute neophyte? For that matter, why can’t conservative outlets such as Fox News just stop talking about her?

Prior to watching this video, my theory had been that the “Clinton democrats” were trying to co-opt into the socialist movement, though it’s not impossible that the puppet masters of the Democrats have this in mind as their eventual goal. If you have watched AOC for any length of time, you can tell relatively quickly that something is off of her.

YouTube poster Mr. Reagan has the theory that Cortez is merely an actress playing a role – and that her rise to power is more or less an experiment by socialists done from the safety of a highly Democratic congressional district.

With all things politics, the truth always seems to be a bit stranger than it’s fiction. If I’m Bernie Sanders, I sure as hell wouldn’t run for President as a Democrat, but as a third-party candidate. If he did that, he’d actually win a few states, much like George Wallace did in 1968, Ethically, morally, or spiritually bankrupt as he may have been, Wallace is still the last third-party candidate to win states in a Presidential election, taking four and nearly forcing an Electoral College stalemate where nobody would have won the 270 “votes” needed to win the presidency.

With all of these candidates in the race, 2020 is shaping up to be an interesting electoral year. A long way to go and a lot of time to digest what is actually going on.

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