Reversal Of Fortune

Photo by Riya Kumari on

My, my, my. How things can change in a week.

The Tampa Bay Lightning, who had won 62 regular-season games in this 2018-19 NHL campaign, couldn’t win a single game against the Blue Jackets of Columbus. The same city that produced boxer Buster Douglas and his mammoth 1990 upset against Mike Tyson for boxing’s heavyweight crown has now produced one of the great giant-killings in North American sports history by sweeping the seemingly invincible Lightning 29 years and change later.

The coach of the Blue Jackets, John Tortorella, should be commended here. Before he coached Columbus he took a team to the Stanley Cup championship – the Tampa Bay Lightning in 2003-04. From this Lightning fan, my heartiest congratulations to them on their efforts. They outplayed the Bolts in every facet of the four games and won fair and square.

As for Lightning fans – yes, we’re wondering what the number of the truck that hit us was. But I’m reminded of Red Barber and what he has been said to say in 1951 when the Brooklyn Dodgers lost to the New York Giants in dramatic fashion in a three-game playoff to decide who goes to the World Series.

After doing his job – describing the joyous scenes at the Polo Grounds after Bobby Thomson hit the famous game-winning home run for the Giants, Barber started talking about other things in the news and in the world. Most notably, he spoke about the then-ongoing Korean War. He asked his listeners to keep what had happened at a baseball game in perspective to what was going on in the real world.

I will leave what your perspective is of the real world in 2019 to each and every one of you reading this – but it seems a good place to start in terms of where do we go from here.

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