Survey Says…

Actually, I have heard about the American Community Survey long before I opened up my mail earlier today to see I had been “selected” to answer same. The mailer came with the information that I am required by law to complete the questions asked.

Of course, they don’t give you a deadline as to when you are to complete the survey – they just say if you fail to do so (I guess they mean at some arbitrary deadline they don’t tell you about), you can be fined. Of course, the piece of mail addresses me as a resident at the address I live – and doesn’t refer to me by name, so already I have some legal ground to work with here.

I’ve been hearing about this particular survey for years, and how some well-meaning citizens have had questions over how constitutional and intrusive the survey is. In my life, either my family on my behalf or myself has always complied with the Census when asked to by law in 1980, 1990, 2000, and 2010. I intend to do so again in 2020, Lord willing – but I also view answering these additional questions as unconstitutional, so I plan on not complying with this “survey” for now.

If I get some push back for non-compliance, it might make for a good story.

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