Apprentice Deadhead

Photo by Chris Mitchell on

One of the things I’ve learned to appreciate in the last decade or so has been the music of the Grateful Dead. You know, Jerry Garcia, Bob Weir – those guys.

I don’t know how it exactly began for me sometime in this first decade of the new century. (Did we ever decide what we’re going to call the 2000’s? The Oughts? Something else? Someone might want to figure that out now that we’re eight months shy of the 2020’s, right?) It might have been one night listening to the local community station, WMNF 88.5. Or it might have been all the material of theirs on I discovered one day at the library.

One day, I “brewed” one of their recordings on a CD-R disc – I think it was one of their shows in the 70’s at the old Curtis Hixon Hall in Tampa. I was hooked right away, thinking those guys (and the one woman who was a vocalist for them at one point – Donna Jean Godchaux) were good, and that they knew how to have fun with the music.

Then I discovered this instrumental Jerry Garcia did called “Eep Hour” and instantly loved the spookiness of it – and that sold me even more.

It’s good music – and you don’t have to smoke pot or be on something to like it, although I imagine it couldn’t hurt.

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