Natural Selection

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Now that I have your attention (I kid!) – have I ever mentioned I’m not a big fan of women augmenting themselves in certain parts of their bodies? I love the female form, don’t get me wrong – but I’ve always thought of women who get boob jobs and whatnot to be “cheating” more or less.

I didn’t always feel that way, of course – but as opinions are often formed, one such instance changed my view forever. It took place at a room I was staying in at the Luxor Hotel in Las Vegas in June of 1996 when I stayed out there for a few weeks.

No, the story doesn’t involve prostitution or anything like that – I knew that was illegal in Clark County (where Las Vegas is) before I left. Back in the days before on-demand video was a common thing as it is now, the Luxor had it. To pass a bit of time, I watched a James Bond movie that was relatively new back then, Goldeneye. Later that evening, I discovered that for a small fee – you can watch, ahem, more raunchy flicks.

I don’t think the phrase “What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas” was a thing yet, but I certainly had that feeling hit me in the privacy of my hotel room – so I selected a movie that had a former Playboy model named Teri Weigel in it. As the movie and the – ahem – “plot” progressed, Teri revealed a bit more of herself including some heavily augmented breasts.

Let’s just say it took me right out of the “mood” I was in, seeing those “Frankentitties” sit on her chest like a couple of immovable Las Vegas desert boulders – and let’s just say I’ve been a fan of the “real thing” ever since.

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