A Somewhat Forced Error

Photo by Lukas on Pexels.com

OK, I gave in to the Census and did that ridiculous American Community Survey I was speaking of a few weeks ago. Answering their questions will wind up being a mistake, I feel – it’s just a matter of how big the mistake will wind up being.

Even though their literature offers no deadline date, probably because one couldn’t be enforced – they kept persisting with little reminders. Yesterday, I got a small pamphlet from them, and was told in writing that if I didn’t fill out the form or went online and did it by computer I could expect phone calls and/or physical visits from the Census Bureau.

There would be an easy defense to this, as I laid out in my last post back in April about it – you could tell the Census employees who phone or visit you that since there was no deadline, you’re assuming a fact not in evidence that I won’t comply. There’s also the matter of the Fifth Amendment against self incrimination at play here, so if you’re faced with the same problem at some point down the road, consider that.

They asked a lot of questions beyond the scope of how many people live where I live – such as how many rooms the house has, my Internet connections, how I make my income, stuff like that. Like I said, I wish I could have plead the fifth – and I may do so if I am ever asked again to comply. For now, I did my civic duty, holding my nose all the way through it.

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