Look At Us, But Do Not Touch

Photo by Marco Lima on Pexels.com

This is a bit of an add-on post from yesterday. For those of you just tuning in – yes, I’ve deactivated from Facebook for the moment. Yes, I’ve failed in curving my Facebook “addiction” before, and yes – by the time you see this in the weeks and months ahead I might be back there. Either I kick the habit, or I do not.

I’m also trying to cut back on going to websites with pornography and nudity on them – I think that might add to the odds I can make a clean break for the things I’m finding time consuming and not serving a real purpose.

This will be a bit more of a trick – I have a few women following me on Twitter who are webcammers. (I don’t like the term “webcam girls” as if you stopped to look at those who are practitioners at it, they’re more like women.) I’m OK with that – and this is not me flashing a big sign over my head saying don’t follow me on Twitter.

To me, porno has gotten to be like swearing – it’s so commonplace these days that it sort of blends into the fabric of society, and when we see it or hear it it’s not a shocking thing. Maybe it’s me getting older – but naked people does very little for me these days, so why take part in its use?

Society seems to want me to be an addict of something – and they don’t care what. All the more reason to find what my addictions are and curb them.

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