To Post My E-Mail Address, Or Not?

What the hell. Since I look at all my “spam” E-Mail anyway – and I’m pretty savvy when it comes to what spam is and what it isn’t, I’ll mention that I can be reached at Copy and paste that sucker and you have my E-mail.

Yes, there will be some out there who will no doubt say that I shouldn’t do that. Opinion noted. Sometimes in life, you have to go against the grain and utilize some contrarian thinking.

I’m giving it out because of the recent deactivation of my Facebook account (by my choice) as I noted a few days back. I don’t know if the deactivation will be permanent or what at this point in time – so those of you from Facebook trying to reach me are hopefully smart enough to figure out how to stay in touch with me. If you’re not – you’re not, and you’re probably beyond help.

I see some big changes in the social media world coming in the months ahead – so I figure I should learn to adapt by my own choosing before other forces don’t afford me such a choice.

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