The Beginning Of The End Of Raysville

Photo by Anastasia Zhenina on

In its infinite wisdom, Major League Baseball announced this past week that the Tampa Bay Rays have been given permission to move some of its home games to Montreal in future seasons. This is oddly enough similar to the arrangement the Montreal Expos had in the early part of this century, playing several home games in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

Was I surprised? No. I see the Rays moving as something that’s inevitable – just as was the case with the Montreal Expos moving the D.C. and becoming the Washington Nationals in the 2000’s. Just as that happened – the Rays will find a new home somewhere sometime after 2027 when their lease expires.

Do some people have their “thumbs on the scale” here? Probably. Outside what I’ve been mentioning on this blog about the Rays going “paperless” and scaring the seniors away who don’t like surrendering debit and credit cards – and all of the minor league teams in the other major cities making up the Tampa Bay area, who knows. Even MLB’s commissioner of the time of the late 1980’s, Peter Ueberroth, tried to warn our area NOT to build what became Tropicana Field – thinking the area wasn’t ready for the big leagues, which now turns out looking more and more prophetic with the passing of time.

I guess they want our area to just be the home of Spring Training and nothing else. Am I warm here?

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