El Paso (Then Dayton)

By all early indications, there has been another mass shooting -and there have been quite a few of these in recent years. This time, it was a Walmart in a mall in El Paso. In my life, I’ve been through that lovely town in west Texas (twice in 2000), and I’ve worked at two Walmarts (one in Charlotte, NC and one in Largo, FL) – so this hits a little close to home as the Vegas shooting did.

Why it happened, who did it, and what was his motivations (assuming the early reports it was a white male are true) – that will be revealed in the hours and days to come.

Both sides will score their political points as they always do – because, when don’t they score their points? I must tell you that I don’t think this is a gun control issue as much as some in the media would like you to believe it is. I don’t own my guns – and I hope I never will. However, take away the guns from everyone and the bad guys will still find ways to pull off these incidents no matter how illegal you make firearm usage – so that changes nothing in itself.

Personally, I think it’s a mental health issue more than anything else. People wanting their 15 minutes of fame – people wanting to be known as “that guy” in the history books.

I simply wish it would stop – and I’ve probably said that a few times over the years, too.

(EDIT, 8/4/2019, 10:00 AM:) What I wrote above, I wrote on August 3rd. The following day (today, as I type this) I turn on the computer and see that there was another shooting in Dayton, Ohio which killed 10 – including the shooter who extinguished the lives of the first nine of that incident.

My thinking hasn’t changed – though I’m sure the politicians will yell at each other a little louder.

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