The Bucs Drive For 55

The great part about the sporting world is that it has moments no one expects. After the Rays reached their summit on Friday night in clinching a playoff spot, only a few expected the Bucs to do big things against the Rams.

In Los Angeles, where the Bucs played their first ever game in 1976 – the Buccaneers made history with a 55-40 win over the previous season’s NFC champs. The odd thing about Tampa’s scoring spree is that it could have easily have been more, despite breaking their all time single game scoring record of 48.

If the Bucs can find some maturity on defense, the future for Tampa Bay’s NFL franchise may get here sooner than anyone expected. Their game this Sunday against New Orleans could be a indicator of how far they already have come.

Return To Glory?

Regardless of what happens the rest of the way, it was a memorable year for the Tampa Bay Rays in 2019, despite all the drama swirling around their future.

It was six years and a manager ago when the Rays played meaningful games in October. With so many talented players winding up on other teams, it sure seemed longer.

But when that final out was registered in Toronto on Friday night that clinch Tampa Bay’s spot – the frustrations eased way. The young team celebrated without restraint their achievement – hopefully with more rewards awaiting them.

Congratulations to the Rays – in my book, you’re winners.

Another One Of The Good Guys

Another one of my radio colleagues passed away during the week. Most people in the Tampa Bay Area knew him as Howard Hewes – I got to know him as Joel Vincent, another one of his radio monikers.

I knew of Howard as early as 1985 at the age of 14- working my first job at The Coffee Mill off of Indian Rocks Road In Largo. He was the afternoon drive host on WHBO, and it was my first experience hearing this new format called “oldies” – hearing songs from previous decades I’d never heard of before.

I’d see him on TV on Saturday mornings hosting a car show in the late 80’s – which advertised local car dealerships. In early 1991, I got the chance to work with him at Sun Radio Network, as he would host a two hour talk show that was usually open topic.

For a time, I had to rely on public transit to get to work – back at a time when the local system didn’t make it all that easy to get to eastern Clearwater. I’d walk east on Ulmerton to the SRN studios, and Joel would show up as I got on the side roads, wanting to give me a lift the rest of the way.

A classy guy who I look forward to seeing again when my time passes. God speed, Joel.

The Haggis Is In The Fire For Sure

I don’t like doing political posts twice in a row, but sometimes the times we live in can’t be ignored.

The day I’ve feared would come now has – President Trump and the Democrats are now locked in mortal political combat over an attempt to remove a President from office that appears very unlikely to occur.

I can argue my point of view until the proverbial cows come home. I’d rather not do that the better part of forever, if you don’t mind. This is an event that could get very ugly very fast – and who knows which “side” of history is the “right” one.

What I am about to say is not intended to be hype – but I hope my country survives this.

Impeachment Revisited

Until 67 duly sworn United States senators say otherwise, Donald Trump is President of the United States.

The push to impeach the President, which seems to have gone on since the moment he was sworn in, has been renewed with the rumor of a quid pro quo relationship with the leader of the Ukraine in exchange for dirt on presidential candidate Joe Biden.

Based on minimal evidence up to this point in time, the Democrats and their friendlier outlets in the media have renewed such impeachment calls – all without revealing (to this point) what exact laws the President broke.

Personally, I don’t think right now it goes anywhere. Even if the Dems reach their goal of impeachment – it is not the true end result. Removal from office would be, and unless something really goes wrong – that ain’t gonna happen.

Sleep… Whatting?

Infrequently, just like we all do, I get sick – sometimes as a byproduct of getting better or eating better food.

Twice this past week I woke up from sleeping, sensing something wasn’t right. I felt the rear part of my shorts and felt a substance that shouldn’t have been there – that would normally be disposed of at my convenience. I wanted to yell like the guy who finds the severed head of a horse in The Godfather, but I didn’t think it would be practical.

To the shower, mucho pronto – and a trip to the washer/dryer at some point thereafter. A conga line between the bedroom and bathroom soon ensued.

So when this happens to you, your two best friends are Pepto Bismol and Rid-X. Oh, and a lot of laundry detergent.

Flashback: “Two Tickets To Paradise” by Eddie Money

In the past week, we’ve sadly lost a couple of great musical voices and minds.

Word broke right after I posted last week’s piece a week again that Eddie Money had died. A couple of days later, a similar fate met Ric Ocasek of The Cars.

Here’s my favorite signature piece of Eddie’s, hitting #22 on the Billboard charts in 1978.

Death Of A Starlet

I can’t say I knew much about Jessica Jaymes prior to yesterday, when word broke of her passing out in California. Porn just isn’t on my radar or top of mind as it was a couple of decades ago. I could probably tell you who Jenna Haze or Stormy Daniels is, but that’s about it – and that seems to be how that given industry wants it.

That being said, I can’t help but notice that so many performers and workers die way too soon, for one reason or another – kind of like wrestling or football. It can’t be an easy life when your vocation is based on simple biology, how well you do it, and with whom.

One day soon, another starlet will die tragically due to something or another, and we will only know of them when they pass on. Sad, really.

Football In A Time Warp

The Cleveland Browns and New York Jets played on Monday Night Football last night for the first time since the very first game of MNF in 1970. The Browns won that first game and this most recent meeting, 23-3.

Imagine if you were a football fan in 1970, and hadn’t seen the future yet – but someone knew that future.

They begin to tell you what’s changed over time, like the show no longer being on ABC but on a sister cable network, or that ABC was running something called a reality show that had a ballroom dancing competition featuring celebrities.

The original MNF had a guy named Dandy Don. Season 50 has a commentator named Booger.

The football fan could probably envision the Super Bowl being a big event, or a 32 team league – probably wondering why there isn’t 50 teams or thereabouts.

I just wonder what “1970 Football Fan” would think of the cable television landscape of all news channels, all sports channels, and an all weather channel.

I’m also thinking that if we sat that fan in front of a TV, they’d sit there, eternally.

The Sudden War On Vaping

Am I the only person who finds it suspicious that there’s suddenly a war against electronic cigarettes and vaping?

I should probably stipulate before continuing that I smoked in an earlier life – experimenting with it briefly after turning 18 in 1989 after I started working at radio station WTAN in Clearwater. I think I lasted a week, not seeing the value or the attraction of doing it. Needless to say, I’ve never vaped or had an e-cig.

Recently, a lot of media outlets noted the alarming rise of deaths and lung disorders from vaping, perhaps getting more attention within a couple of weeks than the relatively new practice got in the last couple of decades.

People are going to what people are going to do, no matter what government wants to do about it. Banning vaping would pretty much go like I’d view a ban of firearms going. The government could make it illegal, but the memory of how to make an electronic cigarette would still exist. It’s not like the knowledge goes down a memory hole or something like that.