Two P’s On Friday Nights

Photo by Anthony on

Sometime in the 1990’s when I was working on Friday nights – and my next shift wasn’t until late Sunday afternoon, I had a pattern.

I would go to a local grocery store and get a case of Pepsi (with some snack to go along with it), and go visit a local (ahem) video store and watch a certain kind of video – if you catch my drift. Heck, I was young and stupid once myself, you know.

I also learned quickly that if you pick two random movies of a (ahem) certain nature – it was nearly impossible to have at least one of three things happen in at least once of the scenes in the movie: one, a scene where women outnumbered men – two, men outnumbering women, or three – a scene with no men in it at all.

That kept me entertained most of the night. Before my shift on Sundays, I’d hit the same video store and return the videos. No harm, no foul.

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