The Sudden War On Vaping

Am I the only person who finds it suspicious that there’s suddenly a war against electronic cigarettes and vaping?

I should probably stipulate before continuing that I smoked in an earlier life – experimenting with it briefly after turning 18 in 1989 after I started working at radio station WTAN in Clearwater. I think I lasted a week, not seeing the value or the attraction of doing it. Needless to say, I’ve never vaped or had an e-cig.

Recently, a lot of media outlets noted the alarming rise of deaths and lung disorders from vaping, perhaps getting more attention within a couple of weeks than the relatively new practice got in the last couple of decades.

People are going to what people are going to do, no matter what government wants to do about it. Banning vaping would pretty much go like I’d view a ban of firearms going. The government could make it illegal, but the memory of how to make an electronic cigarette would still exist. It’s not like the knowledge goes down a memory hole or something like that.

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