Football In A Time Warp

The Cleveland Browns and New York Jets played on Monday Night Football last night for the first time since the very first game of MNF in 1970. The Browns won that first game and this most recent meeting, 23-3.

Imagine if you were a football fan in 1970, and hadn’t seen the future yet – but someone knew that future.

They begin to tell you what’s changed over time, like the show no longer being on ABC but on a sister cable network, or that ABC was running something called a reality show that had a ballroom dancing competition featuring celebrities.

The original MNF had a guy named Dandy Don. Season 50 has a commentator named Booger.

The football fan could probably envision the Super Bowl being a big event, or a 32 team league – probably wondering why there isn’t 50 teams or thereabouts.

I just wonder what “1970 Football Fan” would think of the cable television landscape of all news channels, all sports channels, and an all weather channel.

I’m also thinking that if we sat that fan in front of a TV, they’d sit there, eternally.

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