Another One Of The Good Guys

Another one of my radio colleagues passed away during the week. Most people in the Tampa Bay Area knew him as Howard Hewes – I got to know him as Joel Vincent, another one of his radio monikers.

I knew of Howard as early as 1985 at the age of 14- working my first job at The Coffee Mill off of Indian Rocks Road In Largo. He was the afternoon drive host on WHBO, and it was my first experience hearing this new format called “oldies” – hearing songs from previous decades I’d never heard of before.

I’d see him on TV on Saturday mornings hosting a car show in the late 80’s – which advertised local car dealerships. In early 1991, I got the chance to work with him at Sun Radio Network, as he would host a two hour talk show that was usually open topic.

For a time, I had to rely on public transit to get to work – back at a time when the local system didn’t make it all that easy to get to eastern Clearwater. I’d walk east on Ulmerton to the SRN studios, and Joel would show up as I got on the side roads, wanting to give me a lift the rest of the way.

A classy guy who I look forward to seeing again when my time passes. God speed, Joel.

3 thoughts on “Another One Of The Good Guys”

  1. Sorry to hear about the death of Joel Busch, aka Joel Vincent/Howard Hewes. It must have been a gas working with him. I remember listening to Joel on the Sun and People’s networks in the 90’s. A small station in the town I lived in carried that network for a few years.
    His “WOW!” and laughter in response to so many of his callers made his show fun to listen to. I just looked up the obit. I say that no family had come forward. That’s sad. Also, the last I had heard from him he was living in the Atlanta area.

    There was another gentleman who worked in Tampa radio that used the name Howard Hewes when he was in my town of Columbus, OH in the early mid 70’s. John DeHaven worked at a few stations in Tampa off and on over the years. That’s what attracted me to Joel was learning that he had also used the Howard Hewes name. DeHaven said he wouldn’t be able to use his air name in Columbus when he returned to Florida because someone there was already using it. BTW, DeHaven is now residing in SW Ohio not far from Dayton which is where I believe he was originally from.

  2. I’m trying to locate potential relatives of Joel Vincent Busch (aka Howard Hewes) for probate of his estate. Any information you can share would be greatly appreciated.

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