Victory And Reality

I must admit to getting hooked in to the hullabaloo that was President Trump’s tweet Saturday night. When a world leader says something big happened, I tend to believe it.

The big news was the capture of the ISIS leader – and like most Americans, I couldn’t tell you who that was for a million bucks and a carload of tacos. Apparently, the leader cried and whimpered his way to his grave – blowing himself up to terminate his miserable existence.

In turn, the Democrats looked at this in their reactions like their pet cat had just given them a lizard as a gift. It was a far cry from a time a few short years ago when Osama bin Laden had been captured and everyone celebrated his demise.

I’m very concerned for what the future of the country might be – as this series of gestures proves there are agitators in our midst. It’s up to us to sort them out, at that will not be easy if those perpetrators all have D’s or R’s as their political affiliations.

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