Over The River And Through The Woods

Photo by Magda Ehlers on Pexels.com

Tomorrow, the “holiday season” of 2019 begins. Sooner than you think, the “season” comes to an end and we kick off another year AND another decade with the start of 2020.

To me, it seemed like yesterday that it was 2010.

My best wishes to everybody for a happy Thanksgiving weekend. I would tell you not to eat too much turkey or not to shop too much, but hey – do what you want. It’s your holiday just as it is all of our collective holidays.

Who Ate Up My Audio Slices?

Photo by Designecologist on Pexels.com

I don’t know as I type this whether or not this winds up being a permanent thing, but the 27 “Audio Slices” I’ve put up on this blog don’t appear to be working at the moment.

A little inside baseball: I record these either on a cell phone or on the computer, and upload it to a site called Vocaroo. From there, Vocaroo gives me a link to the MP3 location it’s storing my audio, and I use that on WordPress to make the audio you’ve been hearing. The only problem is – between Vocaroo and WordPress, somebody changed something to where it’s not working, at least for now.

That’s the bad news. The good news is I kept all of my “Slices” thinking a day like this might occur. If the problem persists, I could always put the audio up on YouTube or something like that if need be. Doing so might take a bit of time for each piece, and the problem I’ve been seeing may just be temporary. For now, I’m more inclined to wait and see if the trouble works itself out for a week – maybe YouTube my most recent post as a test run.

Apologies for the error if you see one, it’s a bit beyond my control.

The Grand Facade So Soon Will Burn

I’ve been watching a considerable amount of the televised impeachment inquiry that’s been going on. If you’ve been following this blog for any time, you’re probably not surprised that I’m hard pressed to find what President Trump did wrong.

No, this is not a personal attack on Democrats. Not at all. We’re all going to have to coexist in this world regardless of the divergence of our opinions about our President.

I just have a hard time figuring out what his crime is, and it appears I’m not alone in that opinion. I guess it goes back to my last blog entry when I was asking why am I me. Why am I a Trump supporter where I could easily have been on the other side?

Sometimes the “why” is just as interesting as that sentence that starts with the word “because.”

A Question Of Existence

Do you ever sit down and wonder the purpose of your existence – mainly, why are you yourself?

I’ve wondered this since I was a child. Not the basic part of this, that my mother and father conceived me, that part I know about obviously. It’s too simple and complex at the same time. Why was I “chosen” to be who I am?

Let me put it this way, because I think I’m struggling here – I could have been billions of people on this planet existing at any time in history. Yet, I see things from my own eyes, do things with my hands and legs, and think things from my own mind. I could be anyone, yet I am me

Anyone see what I’m getting at?

The Helmet Swing

A Cleveland Browns defensive player named Myles Garrett did something infamous the other night – he removed the helmet of Pittsburgh quarterback Mason Rudolph, and then hit the helmet less Steeler with the underside of the very same helmet.

Fights in American football are rather rare birds – you might see such a brawl once a decade or so. No one had ever attempted to swing or otherwise use a helmet the way Garrett had attempted in recent memory, a way that easily could have harmed Rudolph much graver than it did.

These flagrant acts are also very uncommon even for the violent game football can be. I speculated Garrett would be back before the NFL season ongoing would end, but the league had other ideas, suspending Garrett indefinitely.

In one swift moment, Garrett joins Nike Tyson, Kermit Washington, and a few others in the menagerie of infamous acts in the sports world of North America. Hopefully, a teaching moment for him and some of us.

Cherry Picking

While we wait and sort out the drama that is the impeachment proceedings in our country, a sports broadcasting legend was unceremoniously booted for showing pride in his country.

You could say that Don Cherry is to the hockey broadcasts in Canada what John Madden was to American pro football. He could relate to his fans, and the fans in turn could relate to him.

While we get a steady diet of college and pro football every weekend this time of the year, Canada similarly loves its hockey. Cherry would commentate on the games between periods and give his opinions which sometimes weren’t hockey related.

As we celebrate Veterans Day, Canada has a similar day called Remembrance Day – usually noted with a small flower worn in the coat pocket called a poppy. When Cherry noted that he didn’t see a lot of poppies and a lack of national pride, he said so on the air.

It only took the Canadians a couple of days to make Cherry, who had been on TV 38 years, an ex-hockey commentator. Some fans considered his remarks xenophobic – with Canada a more liberal country in its embrace of cultural diversity.

Me, I say life’s too short to worry about what other people say. Sooner or later, you find someone who’ll complain about it anyways.

He Who Shall Not Be Named

Very few things in life piss me off. But there are exceptions – one of which is playing out on the cell phones and computers around the world, thanks to Facebook.

(I post this not knowing what WordPress’s policy is about mentioning a certain name, but I can live with whatever the outcome is.)

If you watch the media everyday, the name of the CIA whistleblower that started this latest impeachment escapade with the President is kept from your knowledge. If you’re on social media and are following the impeachment proceedings, you know that there is a strong chance that person is a man named Eric Ciaramella, and that’s been known a few weeks now.

Everyone on the Democrat side of the aisle has warned everyone else not to out the whistleblower even though transcripts released earlier this week failed to redact that very name. The Constitution tells you that you have the right to face those accusing you of something – it says nothing or has not been amended to protect whistleblowers.

In their infinite wisdom, Facebook is now censoring posts with the name of Eric Ciaramella in them. I had one such post removed from my Facebook page but wasn’t warned not to do it again.

This is what the Nazis and the communists did – and I think regardless of how you feel about our President, at least stand up for our rights when they face a threat like this.

To those in America approving of such censorship – if history is any indication, you won’t get away with this.