The Reluctant Bombshell

Word broke yesterday that a piece of video had surfaced where ABC News personality Amy Robach has a conversation on a “hot mic” while not on the air. In that conversation, she mentioned working on a news piece chronicling the late Jeffrey Epstein, the alleged pedophile with reported ties to the political and Hollywood elite.

I’ve personally heard rumor and innuendo going back to 2016 about Epstein from friends and relatives. Like many out there, Robach doesn’t believe Epstein committed suicide – but was murdered.

It is not a surprise if the media outlet was covering up for those higher up the food chain. That seems to happen with great regularity one way or another. I just wonder how long they can continue to get away with this and how deep such rabbit holes go. Sooner or later, everyone gets caught – it’s just a matter of when time or the law catches up with you.

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