Holiday Flashback: “Auld Lang Syne” by Kenny G.

A little trip through recorded history as 2019 nears its final curtain.

I was kind of hoping someone would have updated it through the 2010’s, but oh well. Thanks to the You Tube poster Tri City Media for putting this together a little over nine years ago.

Back with my annual prediction post on Wednesday.

Christmas Flashback: “The Little Drummer Boy” by the Harry Simeone Chorale

I’ve probably done this song before as a Christmas flashback – but what the heck, it is a favorite of mine, the one song that always puts me in the Christmas spirit.

It’s the song that I can close my eyes and go back to my youth hearing, which is interesting because the song is from 1958 – and I wasn’t born until 1971. I haven’t put a lot of thought as to why that is – maybe because my parents had a recording of it, and I always thought it was a good rendition of a Christmas song that has been redone so many times by so many different artists.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all celebrating whatever is you celebrate in the days ahead, my readers. I’ll be back blogging a week from today with another holiday-related Flashback.

Hurry Up And Wait

Let me note for posterity that President Trump was impeached on two counts last night, becoming the third President in US history to meet that fate.

Machinations have already began for the trial in the United States Senate that looks likely to begin in early January. In a move very few expected prior to yesterday, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has delayed sending the impeachment documentation to the Senate – citing no constitutional rule exists to do so in a timely manner. Some conservative experts consider the move unconstitutional – and knowing the master tactician Pelosi can be, it shouldn’t have surprised too many.

Someone on Twitter mentioned that I was hesitant to mention the QAnon movement’s role in what’s been going on with all things POTUS. It was not my intent to diminish them. “Q” has been called a conspiracy theory by those on the left and in the media who call anything as such they don’t agree with. It is not unusual in times like ours to seek out alternative sets of ideas – and how facts could be constructed in other ways to make similar conclusions.

People will ALWAYS have a thirst for the truth.

I don’t first hand how dangerous the Clintons are to cross, or if money laundering and child sex trafficking networks exist, among other things.

You can never go wrong following the logic, or with the use of critical thinking. QAnon often says, “Nothing can stop what is coming.” I can’t help but wonder what it is.

Don’t Ask For What You Wish For – You Just Might Get It

It is widely expected that this is the day that the Democratic Party of the United States gets their long-standing wish – the day where President Trump is impeached on two counts. I’m writing this at about 8:45 in the morning – so I don’t yet know as of this writing how this plays out today.

I’ve stated my opposition to Trump’s impeachment scores of times in recent weeks on this blog – so it’s overkill to do so again. So, I won’t. If any other President had done this – no one would batted an eye. Because this President did – it somehow becomes an impeachable offense. You can do “wrong” things and it could be illegal – just like you can do “right” things even though it’s illegal.

Hope for an 11th hour miracle – but right now, I’m not seeing it.

The Bucs Knew How To Shine

I was an excited little eight year-old on this date 40 years ago – December 16, 1979. My father and I couldn’t wait to hear the Bucs-Chiefs game on 1250 WDAE radio to see whether or not the local NFL team, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, would make the playoffs for the first time in their short history. (The game was not aired on TV locally, as the game didn’t sell out prior to 72 hours before kick off – so it was “blacked out” here in the Tampa Bay area. The local NBC station that had the rights to the Bucs game aired a Pittsburgh Steelers-Buffalo Bills contest instead.)

Through his job at Publix Super Markets, my Dad had gotten Bucs tickets four times that year – so we saw one pre-season and three regular season games, playing the Rams, Saints (in both the pre-season and the regular season) and the New York Giants.

It was two short years earlier that the Bucs ended the worst losing streak in NFL history, winning a game after losing 26 in a row to start their franchise. By this game the Bucs had won 9 in ’79, more than the seven they had won the first three years combined. After winning five a row out of the gate, the Bucs stumbled in their last three games up until this one. If they could beat the lowly Kansas City Chiefs, they’d win the NFC Central division and host a playoff game two weeks later. If not, it would be a long offseason – getting so close, only to be so far away.

The weather seemed like something out of a Hollywood script, raining most of the morning heading up to the 1:00 kickoff. The pelting rain turned Tampa Stadium into a water wonderland of sorts, cascading down the stands and turning the field into the bottom of a plugged-in bathtub. Water flew into the air whenever players contacted the ground, or ther cleats dug in to the turf.

Mother Nature also did a good job keeping both teams off the scoreboard – which wasn’t good news for the Bucs. They needed a win and only a win to make it to their Jerusalem – the playoffs. In the fourth quarter, Neil O’Donoghue from Ireland kicked a short field goal to give the Bucs a 3-0 lead, which held up through the final gun.

The one thing that struck me about the game, seeing highlights of it all these years later – was the joy the team had after they had won and locked up the playoff spot. It was almost as if they collectively said, “Thank God we won.”

That ’79 team wasn’t done. They defeated the Eagles in what many thought was an upset at the time, 24-17 – before losing 9-0 to the Los Angeles Rams in the NFC Championship, the game that would have sent Tampa Bay to Super Bowl XIV had they won it. In 1981 and 1982, the Bucs went back to the playoffs, getting kayoed by Dallas each time in their first playoff game each season.

The Bucs wouldn’t see the playoffs again until 1997 – and here in 2019, another renaissance may be at hand.

Flashback: “The Look” by Roxette

As this decade draws to the close, we note the passing of another voice from the 1980’s – Marie Fredriksson, the lead singer of Roxette.

“The Look” was perhaps the duo’s biggest hit, topping the US Billboard charts in 1989.

No Magic Bullet

Over the years, I’ve been sharing tips on how to deal with the scammers on the phone. Here in the Tampa Bay area of Florida, they are in abundance – which I know full well, having worked for a few.

There is one trend that seems to be true these days – that there is no “magic bullet” that gets rid of everyone completely. For instance, that “Do Not Call” list that’s supposed to work as the way to get rid of everybody – they (those who call you) can just take you off of one list and put you on another.

Not getting any business calling from the United States? Move your scam to India or other parts of Asia – where you can legally pay your employees less and they don’t have to follow our business guidelines. If one scam isn’t working out, like selling fraudulent car warranties – they seem to have scores of others. “Lowering” your credit card, acting like they are from Social Security, and so on.

I’d tell you not to answer anything suspicious – but they keep calling.

I’d tell you to answer every call – but they keep calling.

Maybe when our government isn’t busy dealing with who won the 2016 elections, a matter long since decided – we can get some legislation passed to stop these goons from preying on all of us.

All For Us, None For You

Here’s my annual rant about the college football playoff process.

This year, it was LSU, Ohio State, Clemson, and Oklahoma – champions of four of the bigger five conferences – that made the four-team playoffs. They will meet December 28th in two semifinals, with the winners squaring off on January 13th to decide the champion.

I’m a much bigger proponent of a sixteen-team playoff that would include the winners of all ten of the conferences in major college football. But the poobahs of college football want what they want – so if you’re Miami of Ohio, or Memphis, or Florida Atlantic, no soup for you.

Why even use polls? Polls in college football and basketball are as useless as polls are in politics. Records and strength of schedule, maybe strength of victory (like the NFL uses) could be used to break ties – with appropriate penalties for playing teams in lower divisions like the FCS, Division II, Division III, and so on. An Alabama could still play a Furman – they just wouldn’t be greatly rewarded for it.

The four-team playoff is progress, but it seems to me that further progress could come faster.

A Cure For Insomnia

Another phase of the impeachment of President Trump is currently ongoing as I type this – though it is not expected to captivate the nation. I’ve been calling this the “Seinfeld impeachment” because it is, at least in my opinion, an impeachment about nothing.

At least at this point in time – because laws can and do change, it is not illegal for a President to barter with foreign nations, nor is it illegal to ask for other nations to conduct investigations of American citizens as Joe Biden and his son Hunter are. There is a proviso to this – that the investigation isn’t fixed to provide a certain outcome. Had President Trump said something to the effect of he wanted an investigation AND a conviction, then that’s a totally different story, and the Democrats would be right in asking to impeach him. Awkward? Yes. Illegal? No.

What we have here is Democratic political leadership who take advantage of the fact that fewer people have read the Constitution now than they did a few decades ago – and through the media (whom Trump often calls “fake”), bastardizes what the President Trump can and can’t do. That truly is the sad spectacle that is playing out here – a duly elected President being told by the establishment that he can’t do what he actually can do.

Probably not a surprise to long-time readers I feel this way, but this is a coup d’etat by the Democrats using the megaphone of the mainstream media that is out to get the President because he had the audacity to point out the fakeness of that very media. Their efforts will likely not succeed, ultimately.

Year Nine

Sunday marked the eighth anniversary of this blog, so we’re now entering – you guessed it, year nine.

I’ve probably stated this before on here, but I have three goals for this blog. The first is to make it with 2020 – which is now 29 days away. The second is 2,000 posts – this is the 1,969th post, so I’m 31 posts away from that once this goes up. My last goal is to make it to at least December 1, 2021 – the tenth anniversary of this blog. I should last that long, but only God knows whether or not that happens, ultimately.

Thanks to all who have taken time to read this over the years. I feel like I have a few stories left in me yet.