Hurry Up And Wait

Let me note for posterity that President Trump was impeached on two counts last night, becoming the third President in US history to meet that fate.

Machinations have already began for the trial in the United States Senate that looks likely to begin in early January. In a move very few expected prior to yesterday, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has delayed sending the impeachment documentation to the Senate – citing no constitutional rule exists to do so in a timely manner. Some conservative experts consider the move unconstitutional – and knowing the master tactician Pelosi can be, it shouldn’t have surprised too many.

Someone on Twitter mentioned that I was hesitant to mention the QAnon movement’s role in what’s been going on with all things POTUS. It was not my intent to diminish them. “Q” has been called a conspiracy theory by those on the left and in the media who call anything as such they don’t agree with. It is not unusual in times like ours to seek out alternative sets of ideas – and how facts could be constructed in other ways to make similar conclusions.

People will ALWAYS have a thirst for the truth.

I don’t first hand how dangerous the Clintons are to cross, or if money laundering and child sex trafficking networks exist, among other things.

You can never go wrong following the logic, or with the use of critical thinking. QAnon often says, “Nothing can stop what is coming.” I can’t help but wonder what it is.

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