2020 Predictions

Well, we’ve made it to another year, obviously. A new year – a whole new decade, though it seems to make like it was 2010 literally ten minutes ago. And, as I have done every year on this blog save one – I have a new set of predictions for you.

If you’re new, here’s how it works: I come up with ten predictions each year, more or less using the format that the late Art Bell had on his New Year’s Eve shows. I don’t predict anyone dying – and I try to shy away from predicting disasters unless I “see” it happening.

I nailed a couple during 2019 – and that’s a good year for me. I had President Trump getting impeached and the Tampa Bay Rays doing well (I predicted 95 wins – they won 96) pretty much correct. Oddly enough, my 2020 Predictions have Mr. Trump and the Rays in them, as you will see:

ONE: President Trump’s impeachment in the House is quickly dispatched of in the Senate. The Republicans file a motion to dismiss immediately upon the commencement of the trial, which Chief Justice John Roberts grants. The Democrats push for the impeachment of the Chief Justice, and use it as a rallying cry for 2020, even though Roberts isn’t on any ballot.

TWO: President Trump then goes on to make more history – becoming the first impeached and re-elected leader in American history. He defeats Elizabeth Warren (who chooses Eric Swalwell as her running mate) picking up 320 electoral votes and, unlike the 2016 election, also wins the popular vote narrowly. Republicans take back the House with 250 seats, and increase their majority in the Senate up to 55 seats – and several prominent Democrats retire, the most notable being current House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

THREE: Trump’s re-election is made more remarkable due to Twitter’s ban of him in late September right after VP candidate Swalwell suggests it at a stump speech. It turns out to be a disastrous move for the online media firm, as 30-40 percent of their users deactivate their accounts within a week or two and switch to rival media outlets. Experts would call Twitter’s move to ban Trump the dumbest business idea since “new Coke” came about in the 1980s.

FOUR: Some big names in the FBI, CIA, and the Department of Justice are arrested for their roles in tampering with the 2016 Elections, ranging from perjury to treason. There are strong rumors throughout the year that even President Obama could be arrested for giving the go-ahead to spy on then presidential candidate Donald Trump, but nothing materializes by year’s end.

FIVE: Baltimore’s Ravens win another NFL title, this time beating the New Orleans Saints to take Super Bowl LIV in Miami. Tom Brady finally retires, and the New England Patriots are again sanctioned heavily for another “spy gate” scandal. The Tampa Bay Rays shock the baseball world and win the World Series, knocking off the Cincinnati Reds. The Rays also find a new home, as a deal is reached to build a new domed facility for the ball club in Tampa, ready for play in 2028. The Los Angeles Clippers beat the Boston Celtics for the NBA crown, with LeBron James retiring after the season.

SIX: Americans dominate the Tokyo Olympics, winning the most golds and most medals during the competition. Tokyo is praised for running a finely tuned Games only a few years removed from the earthquake that devastated Japan in 2011.

SEVEN: Tiger Woods wins another major golf tournament, with Serena Williams doing likewise in women’s tennis – it winds up being the last “major” both will win.

EIGHT: The US Dow Jones average goes over 30,000 by May – and is close to 35,000 by year’s end.

NINE: Fox News’s ratings take a considerable dive when more conservatives notice the network going more liberal. The turning point winds up being an April Fool’s version of the midday “Outnumbered” show where the co-hosts are all liberals. One America News Network winds up doing record business, and Viacom continues to talk about starting a conservative TV network of their own – but it doesn’t launch as 2020 winds down.

TEN: The most unlikely song to become a chart hit is the re-release of the 1964 song “The Best Is Yet To Come” by Frank Sinatra as President Trump successfully uses it as a theme to get re-elected.

So there they are – an here’s hoping for a successful 2020 to all of you.

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