Aircheck: CBS, 1990s

This is sometime during the 1990s on the CBS game show, The Price Is Right. It would have to be 1995 or some point earlier because Holly Hallstrom is one of the models (the redhead in the darker dress) – and was fired from the show that year.

Here, a pricing game called “Hole In One (Or Two)” is being played. Contestants line up grocery items so that the cheapest priced are farther away while the more expensive items are closer to the hole. If the lineup is in perfect order, the contestant wins a small cash prize (back then, $500) – but for each correct answer, he or she gets to make a golf putt closer to the hole while an incorrect answer stops the advancement from where the putt is made from. If they make the putt in one or two attempts, they win a car.

Ella was a fun contestant – and is worth watching this segment to the very end with her incredible second attempt.

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