Where Did That Truck Come From?

The great thing about watching any sport or game on TV is you’ll eventually see something you’ve never seen before – as was evidenced in the Houston-Kansas City Super Bowl tournament quarterfinal yesterday. (Yes, I know the NFL has these cutesy names for all of the playoff rounds – me, I just call it what it is, and the quarterfinal round is what it is.)

Most of you know the story – Houston had a 24-0 lead early in the second quarter, and usually a team that far up at any stage of the game winds up winning the game. But alas, Kansas City stormed back and had a 28-24 lead at halftime on the way to a 51-31 win.

Skilled play by Kansas City? Terrible lead management by Houston? Probably a combination of both extremes, I would think. A big boost of confidence for the Chiefs, who were in their last Super Bowl fifty years ago – while Houston’s successful campaign of this past season will have a lot of introspection ahead of it.

Your guess is as good as mine in terms of who the Super Bowl teams will be – both of my picks have been knocked out, Baltimore and New Orleans. It’d be a kick if the 100th NFL season wound up with a Green Bay-Kansas City grand finale – the two teams who met in the first Super Bowl in 1967.

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