Watching The World Change

As I did during Hurricane Irma in 2017, I think I will do some day to day updates with the coronavirus looms as time permits.

The big news today is something unprecedented in North American sports, outside of the brief pause during 9/11. Several sports leagues have shuttered their operations – college basketball, MLB, the NHL, MLS, and the XFL have now joined the NBA in suspending their seasons. The collegiate basketball seasons are now over – having cancelled through their respective year-end tournaments. Only NASCAR, the IndyCar circuit, and the PGA will be running this weekend – leaving the various networks looking to fill their air time.

Half the country is blaming President Trump for the outbreak and not being prepared for it, or so they say – while the other half is wondering what that half is smoking. The stock markets of the world continue in a free fall, which has lasted in the US the past three weeks. A short time ago, for example, the Dow was at over 29,000. Today, a record drop in points of more than 2,350 has reduced the Dow to just over 21,200.

More of the famous and not-so famous are testing positive for the virus all over the world. The biggest name I heard today was South Carolina senator Lindsey Graham may have it, and is self-quarantining. Various states and cities are declaring states of emergency, and some are closing their schools – with some on Spring Break, and some not at the moment.

Not much went on today for me. It was remarkable to watch the various sporting bodies close shop, one by one. I still think this will be closer to what happened during WW2 than the events of 9/11 – which wound up lasting a week or so. While baseball and other sports didn’t cancel during “The Great War,” it did hit the rest of the world rather hard. Two Olympic Games in 1940 and 1944 had to be canceled because of international strife and the war in progress. On our continent, sports continued on – with the better athletes going off to fight for our country.

No, I don’t know what happens to the sports world and the real world – or what happens if President Trump tests positive for the virus. I think the best approach is to take things one day at a time for now.

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