Here Come The Choppers

For historical purpose, let me do a quick recap – for those of you living in the here and now, pardon me a moment.

The Coronavirus has been in the news since January when there was a huge outbreak in China. If the reporting from China was accurate (and that’s a big “if”), over 3,200 people died over there. In the past few weeks – the virus has spread worldwide, with things getting real here in the States when athletes and celebrities of note began testing positive for COVID.

It’s looking increasingly likely that all adult Americans will get a $1,000 check from Uncle Sam, or in this case Uncle Donald. If that happens, let me the first person to thank President Trump – and maybe the Democrats like Andrew Yang who suggested it on a campaign trail long before the necessity for it arrived.

The number of cases and deaths per day are going up with each day that passes. My prayers to all of you so afflicted and condolences to those who have passed.

Name a sporting event – any sporting event – it’s probably been cancelled. Even Wrestlemania 36, that was going to take place in Tampa’s Raymond James Stadium – has been reduced to a performance in their developmental facility in Orlando.

There’s news outside of the virus as I type this: Tom Brady is now a Tampa Bay Buccaneer – more on this tomorrow, if the rumors are true. Yep, I may actually do a non-COVID blog entry for a change.

Until then, God bless.

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