The Needs Of The Many

It’s nearing 1:00 on Saturday afternoon. I’m not really interested in the White House briefing – and things (at least to my way of thinking) have gotten to the point where you don’t need the President to tell you things are bad.

I’m still annoyed at the idea of low-income Americans being “means tested”, that is not getting any relief money from this stimulus package that’s currently being worked on in the United States Senate. I have my doubts as to whether or not the President is on board with that – if he is, he is betraying the very demographic that helped get him elected, so re-election may hinge on what goes on the bill when it’s all finalized.

As I said, the bill is a work in progress – and there’s still time for our lawmakers to not be so stingy and to do what’s right. I can’t help but be pessimistic, though. Government tends to take more freedom away from us (like the so-called Patriot Act) in times of crisis, so it wouldn’t surprise me that low-income Americans get screwed in the final analysis.

I’d say (not that anyone listens to me) give all American adults 18 and over $1,000 a move until the crisis reaches a conclusion – but our lawmakers have an interest in keeping the lower classes downtrodden, so I don’t expect. As comedian George Carlin said before his death frequently, they have us by the balls – so it’s not in their interest to let go.

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