Fear And Loathing Everywhere

It’s another morning of a mixture of fear, panic, and hate in this country. Yesterday, more than 100 people died – and more than 9,000 tested positive for COVID. That includes Kentucky’s US senator Rand Paul – with four other Senate Republicans self-quarantining because they had been in close contact with him.

My state of Florida still hasn’t gone on the stay-at-home “lockdown” about ten states and several foreign countries have. It’s probably just a matter of time, though. COVID is spreading in my area – college kids in the Tampa Bay area who go to Tampa University or the USF campus in St. Petersburg have come down with it.

If you expected Congress to still play political games as I did – the latest fiascos on those fronts need not disappoint you. The Senate doesn’t appear anywhere near passing a stimulus bill that helps most but not all of us (as I’ve outlined the past few days), so both sides are name calling each other like that will fix things up. Perhaps this is a contrived fight to cover-up the fact that the bigwig Democrats and Republicans agree it’s not in their combined interest to help those on low-income.

When the bill is passed, I’m going to do what Congress often fails to do – I’m going to actually read the bill, as I did Friday when it was in the proposal stage.

Maybe this is a no-win situation, designed by the Deep State to oust President Trump by the usual political levers – a Kobayashi Maru for the real-world. Much like that fictional Star Trek test, that character we exhibit during this outbreak may truly be the real test.

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