Dispatches From Elsewhere

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

I went with my mother to the local Walmart today – we could only afford to pick up a few things, and not everything was available at the cheapest prices. Whether you spend a dollar on bread or $2.50 is pretty much a crapshoot at the moment – but I did tell the bread delivery guy who was setting things up, “Thank you for what you do.” And I meant it – that guy could have abandon his job with all of this happening. I felt he needed to be thanked for being there.

News came in the afternoon that the House passed the stimulus bill – so help is on the way. Even though I sent a IRS Form 8888 to D.C. – it looks like that IRS website is setting up a way to give them your direct deposit information. I hope they can handle all of the traffic it’ll get!

I was wrong to get so nervous about who’s getting the money after all. If you have a Social Security number and you weren’t making six digits – you’re getting paid for sitting tight. If this goes on for some time, you might get paid again.

Showtime and Epix are offering nearly a month of their programming for free – so I haven’t been watching the news as vigilantly as I’ve been. I just got done watching “Action” about the sports-betting boom in the past few years – though that’s now been wiped out with no sports to bet on for the time being.

Other events have gone by the way-side. The Indianapolis 500 has been cancelled. If you’re a reality buff – Survivor halted production, and Big Brother 8 up in Canada ended only three weeks into their season. They should do the right thing and split the prize money up with everyone who was still there when it abruptly ended.

The US has now passed China and Italy in the total number of possible cases – at just past 3:30 pm EDT, that total is nearing 100,000. Over 1,500 have died – with over 200 more already today.

I hope you’re all holding up well – and go check on your friends. They’ll be thankful for the attention.

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