Angels Of Our Nature

A look at the calendar reveals we’re nearing the end of March – and we’re in a much different place at the end of March than we began the month, obviously. Yesterday, the total death toll in the US doubled within two days – and 19,000 more of us got the bad news they too have COVID.

It’s one of those events in life that’s causing change in all of our lives like nothing else has – though that also sounds like such an obvious thing to say. I find myself acting strangely at times, acting abnormally behavior-wise. It’s easy to excuse it and say nothing else is normal, so why should I be?

We all have the responsibility to be better in times like these – to help those who need it, even when you might need the help yourself. That is society’s Catch-22 right now.

They’re holding a concert tonight on the FOX networks, headlined by Sir Elton John. Instead of holding it at a public facility, it will be held in the living rooms of the various performers. I’m a bit curious how something like this plays out, as it will be one of the more unique “concerts” ever held.

Best wishes for you all – two more days before I take my hiatus.

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