Wally World, The Virus, And You

The bad news and cancellations keep coming. Yesterday, 912 people in the US died of COVID, with another 20,297 testing positive for it – each figure a new one-day record, at least for now. When the pandemic ends in a few months, the death toll is expected to be well into five digits and maybe six within the United States. Wimbledon was just cancelled today – their next tournament will take place in 2021. The resumption of the NBA and NHL seasons look very doubtful to me – and who knows if Major League Baseball will even play a game this year.

I went to Walmart with my mother again today – more and more people wearing masks. What continues to amaze me is that I’ve been to Walmart three times the past week – and every time I go, there is no toilet paper, and no paper towels. Walmart’s usually very much on top of their supply chain – so for this kind of lapses to occur is amazing.

When we went to check out – the cashier strongly pointed out that until the cashier counter was clear, I could not be closer than six feet to it as indicated by these blue tiles now in existence. I quickly apologized – as no such rule was in place on Monday when I was last there. It’s a good rule, bur perhaps Walmart should have recorded messages while you’re there, explaining such sudden rule changes.

It’s going to be a rough few weeks ahead – if the University of Washington models are any indication. We’re just going to have to hang on the best we can.

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