Minutes From Daybreak

Photo by Brady Knoll on Pexels.com

As Easter fastly approaches, there is continued hope that this COVID-19 crisis will be over with sooner rather than later. Computer projections of those who will be lost have come down a third, some key states are going through their peak fatality rate now or over the Easter weekend – and those “stimulus checks” most of us are getting will be getting to us soon, Lord willing.

I did another binge watching of a series when I went on hiatus – downloading the series Star Trek Continues before the cord was cut. This series that was put out on the Internet a few years ago tackles one of the great what-if questions of television history: what if the original Star Trek wasn’t cancelled by NBC in 1969? Where would the show have gone if allowed to continued? All and all, I thought it was pretty good

Yesterday, I went to Walmart with my mother – and every time you go to Wally World, something changes as a response to COVID. Now, you can only enter the store one of two ways – and if you go during peak conditions, you may have to wait in line for someone to depart. Amazingly, you still can’t find toilet paper or paper towels there – but there’s plenty of other things to be found. More and more people are wearing face masks at the store, but in Florida – it’s yet to be a requirement.

A lot of people wonder what America looks like once the virus passes – while others live there lives a day at a time, wondering what crises will impact their lives next. We’ll all survive this, that I don’t doubt in the slightest.

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