Show Me The Money

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Usually, the week April 15th falls on is a time of high anxiety for some, as that is usually the IRS tax deadline. The events of the past several weeks have turned the situation inside out – thus year, Americans want to know when THEY are getting their stimulus money from the government.

I’m in the position of having paid my taxes – but I uncertain as to whether or not the IRS has my banking information that I sent a few weeks back via Form 8888. It’s possible I could have sent it to the wrong address of the many the IRS has – and I can appreciate them being a little busy at the moment dealing with millions of us asking the same question: when do we get our money?

The government’s never attempted anything like it’s currently doing before, so there’s always the chance something goes wrong when you’re doing something never before accomplished. As for me, I check my back accounts online, with rumor being out there on social media that the Treasury is already dishing that stimulus out to taxpayers.

Is it there yet? No.

What about now? Still no.

When will it get here? Don’t know.

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