The Quest For Twelve Hundo And Beyond

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There’s rumor and innuendo out there that the first wave of stimulus checks have already begun being distributed. Well, I haven’t seen mine yet, and I’m in that first wave – so it’s the old game of wait and see.

Now there’s talk of another wave of checks – to the tune of $2,000 a month for six months, or longer if the unemployment rate fails to hit a certain benchmark. A few months ago, that would have been absolutely insane. But with one stimulus check already almost in hand – seeing more “money for nothing” wouldn’t wind up being a stretch.

Rarely do I praise Democrat ideas – but this was an ingenious idea from them, because anyone who opposes it would be wildly ridiculed. No politician wants to stand in the way of money for their constituents (especially when quite a few of them find ways to fill THEIR pockets) – or make it appear as such. Yes, I get that this will hurt the economy of the future – but I disagree with my Republican friends on a few things, such as having all the wealth for themselves.

It’s always seemed to me that if you spread the wealth and share it – it makes everyone that much happier. Right now, our world could us a bit more happiness.

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