The Return To Normalcy

There’s something in the air in my surroundings – and for once it’s not that long “C” word. I believe that “something” is that ongoing belief and hope that life is returning to normal.

Here in Florida, we’ve entered a new phase in the process in getting life back to normal by the end of the month – hair salons are reopening. The haircut I needed before the virus hit, well that’s now going to happen sooner rather than later – as opposed to “later rather than sooner” we’ve been living under as of late.

Another sign of events changing hit me a little after 7:00 this morning – though I was already awake when it happened. A few houses away, there was the loud banging of a house roof being worked on, as is the case in my neighborhood here and there during normal course of events. My housing complex hires a team to fix the house roofs once per ten years – and now they have been deemed ready to resume their work.

The only matter left to resolve is if we (oh I hate this phrase, but I have to use it here: the American people) get any more stimulus money on top of the $1,200 most of us have already gotten. With Congress and the President locked in a figurative mortal combat – don’t expect an answer anytime in the near future, or at least I’m not. I would just wish that if we’re not getting any more money that such a declaration should be made – so we can figure out what to do with the windfall (or lack of same) we have.

There are always going to be risks that this goes sour again, but I think we have to make the best of what we have for the time being.

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