America’s Green Flag

Photo by Bob Ward on

It’s now the week before Memorial Day – and the media is telling that more than 90,000 have died from the COVID virus that has plagued the world these last few months.

The good news is that there are signs of life emerging. Between the UFC, golf, and a NASCAR race in Darlington, South Carolina, there were some honest to goodness sports to watch for a change. Kevin Harvick won the NASCAR event – an actual event, no computer simulation – but no fans allowed to attend. If you missed the race yesterday, no problem – there will be another televised race from there Wednesday night as stock car racing’s biggest circuit tries to give everyone the seat time lost over the past ten weeks.

Personally, I think it’s a good idea to keep some resemblance of sports going – World War II didn’t stop baseball from continuing on, albeit with the best players joining the war effort. There’s an ongoing fight and debate as to what to reopen and when, but I have to tell you – I root for America and the America of old to return. While it’s always best to be safe while doing so, safety is up to all of us individually. When we ask government to intercede in those efforts, they overstep their authority.

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